Announcement of Zoom meeting with Jan Commandeur on Native MS – October 22, 10AM

Title:  ‘How to make MS digest intact proteins: teaching old technology new tricks’

Speaker: Jan Commandeur, MS Vision , The Netherlands

Time: Oct 22, 2020 10:00 AM Stockholm

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Meeting ID: 634 1825 0241

Abstract: Mass spectrometry has been around for about a century, and its application in biochemistry has exploded since the development of electrospray ionization in the late 1980s. Aqueous samples could now be analysed, and MS found its way into almost every lab in the life sciences. It was only recent that MS instrumentation became available for the analysis of intact biological macromolecules, like proteins. Given the importance of proteins in living cells, it’s hard to understand why this took so long. In this presentation we will explain why it took MS technology a few decades to evolve to a point where intact proteins can be analysed.

Native MS at MS Vision (

Since 2005 MS Vision has been active in the field of Native Mass Spectrometry and has fulfilled a pioneering role in the development of the technique. In close collaboration with the group of prof. Albert Heck at Utrecht University, we have gradually and steadily improved the technology for the analysis of intact protein complexes, often non-covalently bound, preserving native conditions in the gas phase.

As a small, dedicated and focused company, we have developed our technology through modification of Waters series Q-Tof and LCT instruments in response to specific user feedback. We moved on to translate what we had learnt to Synapt instruments, yielding excellent high mass performance and turning  Synapt instruments into versatile platforms for structural biochemistry.

MSVision Dedicated to Mass Spectrometry

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