NEW NGENMS20 Lab bench with built-in Nitrogen Generator

NGENMS20 Lab benches offer a unique combination of a multi-purpose lab bench and a dedicated, 20 or 35 liters/min LC-MS PSA type Nitrogen Generator (compressed air supply is also supplied inside the bench). The bench incorporates an an 8 socket, anti-surge power distribution panel and create savings of precious lab space, improving laboratory efficiency, as well as improving lab safety. The complete LC-MS system can be placed on the bench (weight capacity certified to 500 kg). The lab bench have a strong, durable construction with top quality chemically resistant and (Trespa Toplab PlusTM) hard table top finish. The fore-vacuum pumps can be placed inside the cabinet, on a fully retractable, spring loaded anti-vibration suspension pump tray with oil drip collector.

All these benefits come at an affordable price. Saving precious lab space

NGENMS20 benches are movable using six (two lockable) heavy duty castors, a big advantage in servicing all items of the LC-MS system because all sites are easily accessible, omitting the need of access corridors for servicing the systems. The rotary pumps

Improve laboratory efficiency and analytical performance
NGENMS20 benches provide a constant, uninterrupted gas supply 24/7, guaranteeing consistency and hence reproducibility of analytical data.

Improve safety
NGENMS20 benches produce Nitrogen gas at low pressure and ambient temperature, removing the hazards associated with high pressure cylinders and liquid Dewar’s. Noise levels are sharply reduced using noise suppression, via spring loaded anti-vibration suspension. The temperature inside the bench is regulated via auxiliary heat-extraction vans. Temperature is monitored and logged 24/7 on the system PC, including overheat alert-protection to instrument supervisor and via direct audible alarm.

Lab benches with built-in nitrogen generator