Native MS

Native Mass Spectrometry has emerged as standard tool in characterizing the structure and dynamics of biomolecular complexes. Native Mass Spectrometry can provide insights in the stoichiometry and topology of subunits by inducing partial dissociation of the protein complex.

Since 2005 MS Vision has been active in the fieldof Native Mass Spectrometry and has fulfilled a pioneering role in the development of the technique. Via intense collaboration with the group of prof. Albert Heck in Utrecht, we have gradually and steadily improved the technology for the analysis of intact (non-covalently bound) protein complexes, preserving native conditions in the gas-phase.

Being a small, dedicated and focussed company we have developed our technology through modification of Waters series Q-Tof and LCT technology. Initially our hardware developments were targeted at first generation Q-Tof instruments; latest development have lead to excellent high mass (native) MS performance for Synapt series instruments. MS Vision High Mass systems go a leap forward, compared to the standard instruments, and our High Mass Synapt systems comprise:

  • Extension of the quadrupole m/z range to 32 kDa, enabling efficient transmission of up-to Mega Dalton protein complexes
  • Apart from the standard (more enclosed) Synapt ion source conditions, we can run the instrument under softer ionization conditions, which offer additional advantages in analysing fragile complexes and preserving native conditions
  • Low and high energy activation / dissociation tools, using optimized and fully controllable settings of the gas handling (easy switch between different collision gases), gas pressure regulation and RF Amplitudes in the TriWave section
  • Customized acquisition settings, varying the pusher frequency settings within the ToF section, depending on m/z value of the complexes
  • Preserving the Ion Mobility capability of the instrument
  • Today over 35 systems have been installed at academic sites (proteomics- and biology laboratories) and a number of pharmaceutical companies.
    Applications range from the analysis of antibodies (Mw determination and purity checks); Antigen-Antibody interaction studies (stochiometry and affinity studies); Antibody PTM analysis (glycosilation, Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC)); protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions (stochiometry, topology ) and virus capsids (composition, viral drugs development).

The figure below shows the High Mass Synapt MS spectrum of the intact tetra-decamer (bottom spectrum) and MS-MS spectra (topspectra), under varying acceleration voltages and activation energies of the 69+ charge state of an refolded E.Coli GroEL complex in 200 mM NH4Ac pH 6.7. Data courtesy: University Freiburg (Germany)

Thank you for delivering such a nice instrument!

I would like to thank you again for your efforts in setting up our High Mass Q-Tof-MS and in introducing my students to the basic operating principles of the instrument. We performed the first measurements this week, which went really well. You did a great job and we are very happy with our new toy.

Prof. Dr. Andrea Sinz
Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

Thank you for the repair and training.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the repair of our Quattro Micro and subsequent ‘hands on’ training course. The training course was very useful, generating positive feedbacks from the attendees. We look forward to receiving the training course certificates.

Dr. Nancy Weisbach
Across Barriers GmbH

MS Vision is our long lasting services partner

MS Vision is our long lasting services partner for the maintenance and troubleshooting of our entire fleet of LC-MS/MS instruments. For us, their eagerness to extend their portfolio with new services and collaboratively identify ways of improvements is very much appreciated and fundamental in the reduction of instrument downtime that has been achieved.

Niels Martha
TLR International Laboratories

Installation of five Thermo mass spectrometers at Biomedicum, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm

The team of MS Vision has recently helped us to relocate our entire mass spectrometry lab, including five Orbitrap instruments (three Q Exactive series, one Elite and one Fusion) within the campus of Karolinska Institutet. Both the preparation and execution of this delicate operation was performed with absolute profession and accuracy. After the careful move, it took only two days to get all systems up and running like they would have never been down for a second. Needless to say how grateful we are for MS Vision for this excellent job!

Akos Vegvari, PhD
Proteomics Biomedicum, Karolinska Institutet

“I love how MS Vision makes us better!“

Boris Krichel
MSVision Dedicated to Mass Spectrometry

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