At MS Vision we also sell and buy used or second-hand mass spectrometers and HPLC systems. We always have a number of used mass spectrometers on stock. Our systems are refurbished in-house and always come with installation and warranty.

Buying a used mass spectrometry system has several advantages:

Apart from being more eco friendly, our pre-owned mass spectrometer offer you a much better return of investment due to lower purchasing costs than new systems. As these systems are also proven in their usage, you can easily find established methods, the software compatibility to your existing instruments is ensured and the shortcomings of a particular model are already known.

For buying systems, we are currently primarily interested in the following models of used mass spectrometers or complete LC-MS systems:


  • Synapt G1
  • Synapt G2/G2-S/G2-Si
  • Xevo TQ-S/TQ-XS


  • 5500 QT/API
  • 6500 QT/API
  • 6500+ QT/API


  • QExactive classic/plus/HF


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