MS Vision and e-MSion join forces to supply ECD-based mass spectrometry to Europe!

Almere/Corvallis, August 31st 2021

e-MSion, Inc., specialised in the development and manufacturing of electron-activation-based dissociation (ExD) devices for mass spectrometry, and MS Vision/ Spectrometry Vision B.V. as vendor-independent service provider are joining forces by entering into a sales and support agreement for Europe starting on September 1st, 2021.

ECD technology has traditionally been implemented only on high-end mass spectrometry systems such as FT-ICR-MS for top-down peptide and protein analysis, making it available only for a few specialized labs. e-MSion’s technology now allows researchers to implement ECD on QTOF and Orbitrap based systems, making ECD available for the vast majority of bioanalytical laboratories. Apart from protein top-down analysis, the technology is also applicable for glycopeptides, glycans and in particular proteins and peptides with labile modifications. In hydrogen-deuterium exchange (HDX), ECD shows significantly reduced hydrogen scrambling, making results clearer for interpretation.

In combination with MS Vision’s high-mass MS-related technology, ECD offers an ideal route to upgrade existing Waters Synapt systems for bioanalytical top-down analysis.

MS Vision will sell and support e-MSion’s ECD devices as upgrades for existing Waters Synapt and ThermoFisher QExactive systems as well as service the upgraded systems for the customers all over Europe. With an already existing base of several installations such as the Heck Lab at University of Utrecht ( and ThermoFisher QExactive and Waters Synapt systems at MS Vision’s head office in Almere, we will also extend the range of application examples in the near future. If you’d like to learn more about electron-capture dissociation and possible applications, check out our website at


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