At MS Vision we support a wide range of the most common mass spectrometry instruments from Waters, Sciex and ThermoFisher Scientific. For each system type we have several trained mass spec specialists and we continuously train them internally. In particlar on Waters QTOF systems we also have in-depth experience which allows us to do our own R&D for optimizing these systems for high mass and nativeESI measurements and other upgrades such as ECD which sets us apart from other service providers for mass spectrometry instruments.

In detail, we support the following instrument models:

Waters TQ-S with Acquity stack
Sciex 4500 and Shimadzu nexera stack
Thermo QExactive mass spectrometer

Micromass/Waters Mass Spectrometers under MassLynx software

  • QTOF1/2/Ultima/Ultima Global/Premier/Micro
  • LCT (Premier/XE)
  • Xevo TOF/QTOF (G2/G2-S/G2-XS)
  • Synapt (G2/G2-S/G2-Si/G2-XS)

For Synapt G2 we offer also e-MSion ECD upgrades, for LCT, QTOF Ultima, Synapt G1/G2 and Xevo QTOF we also offer high mass upgrades.

  • ZMD, ZQ, SQD, SQD2, 3100
  • Quattro (Micro/LC/Ultima/Ultima Pt/Premier/Premier XE)
  • Xevo TQ (TQ/TQ-S/TQ-XS/TQ-S micro/TQD)
  • TQ Detector (TQD), QDa
  • For Empower or Unifi controlled systems please check in advance!

Sciex Mass Spectrometers

  • API365
  • API2000
  • API3000
  • API/QT4000
  • API/QT4500
  • API/QT5500
  • API/QT6500(+)
  • TripleTOF 4600
  • TripleTOF 5600(+)
  • TripleTOF 6600(+)
  • SelexION

ThermoFisher Mass Spectrometers

  • TSQ Quantum
  • TSQ Quantiva
  • TSQ Endura
  • TSQ Altis
  • TSQ Quantis
  • LCQ (Deca/DecaXP/DecaXP plus)
  • LTQ (Velos)
  • LTQ-Orbitrap (XL/Velos/Elite) also including ETD
  • Exactive
  • QExactive (plus/focus/HF/HF-X/UHMR)
  • Exploris series

We also offer e-MSion ECD upgrades for the QEx series!

Waters LC

  • Acquity series
  • Acquity H-Class
  • Acquity I-Class
  • Acquity M-Class
  • Acquity Arc
  • Alliance 2695/2795

Agilent LC

  • Agilent 1100
  • Agilent 1200
  • Agilent 1260
  • Agilent 1290
  • Agilent 1290 Infinity II

ThermoFisher LC

  • Surveyor
  • Accela
  • Dionex U3000 series
  • Easy nLC (II/1000/1200)

Shimadzu/Sciex LC

  • Nexera series (20/XR/30)
  • Exion series (Sciex branded)



For questions on specific or different models or IQ/OQ please contact us!

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