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Our Team

Our team consist out of a group of highly skilled specialists with many years of experience in mass spectrometry. Founded in 2004 by people coming from the Waters/Micromass history, MS Vision developed over the past 20 years into a leading manufacturer-independent service and native MS tools provider.

Our service engineers have a combined experience of almost 200 years in mass spectrometry and our development team provides us with unprecendented insights into instrument hard- and software which allows us to further develop and improve commercial instruments for native mass spectrometry and other specialized applications.

Local presence in Europe

Gerard van der Laan

Founder and CEO

Gerard worked in a number of roles in mass spec industry. He served VG Instruments as President of European operations, then Micromass and later Waters as European Director and General Manager.

In 2004 he founded MS Vision in Almere, The Netherlands, with the vision to be different, more responsive and customer oriented, than the original instrument manufacturers. MS Vision nowadays has legal entities in the Netherlands, Germany, UK and France.

Gerard van der Laan

Jan Commandeur

Technical Director

Jan started as a technician at the Dutch FOM/AMOLF Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics from where he joined Micromass/Waters as a service supervisor and MS expert.

He joined Gerard in founding MS Vision in 2004 and currently oversees all service and R&D activities.

Jan is also an active board member of the NVMS and was member of the local organizing committee of IMSC 2022 in Maastricht.

Marcus Macht

Sales and Marketing Manager, Sales DACH

After his PhD in mass spectrometric antigen-antibody interaction and non-covalent mass spec analysis, Marcus headed a core facility lab at the centre for molecular medicine in Cologne. 

In 2001 he joined Bruker where he worked in applications and key account management and later became the European Director of Applications. In 2014 he moved to Sciex heading the European proteomics application team from where he joined MS Vision in 2017 to take over sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

Since 2021 he is also responsible for all marketing and sales activities

Macht,Marcus (6)