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NativeSynapt – Native Electrospray made easy

Overcoming the limitations of standard MS instrumentation in the analysis of large protein structures has been the focus of our efforts over the past decade. By working together closely with leading academic groups, we learnt how to get the best out of the mass spectrometer. The result is an instrument which allows researchers to unleash the full capacity of the Synapt in the analysis of intact proteins and complexes by native electrospray mass spectrometry:

  • Antibody analysis
  • Antigen-Antibody interaction studies, stoichiometry, affinity studies
  • Antibody PTM analysis
  • Protein Complexes, protein-protein interactions
  • Virus capsids composition analysis
Native top-down mass spectrum of GroEL

Turning the Synapt into a Native Electrospray MS platform

The interest in MS of large biomolecules and biomolecular complexes has significantly increased in the past years as more and more pharmaceuticals are either new biological entities (NBE) or biosimilars/biobetters.

The characterization of their behaviour is critical to understand their activity. Complex formation can lead to inactivity or even toxic effects.

For vaccine development, the analysis of AAV’s/VLP’s became a huge field of application in recent years. The characterization of the virus or virus-like capsids is critical to assess effects in immunization as well as adverse effects. 

Making it work better

By careful consideration of the conditions that exist in the consecutive sections of the instrument, the performance of the Synapt for large ions can be improved considerably by changing the characteristics of the ion optical elements.

No compromise

All functionality of the original instrument is available on the NativeSynapt. Simply choose between modes and analyze your samples. Soft conditions for preservation of complexes, high energy dissociation, ion Mobility – it’s all possible!

Upgrade or full instrument

Whether you want to have your own Synapt upgraded or need a complete instrument, MS Vision has the solution. We offer full support by our highly skilled engineers so you can concentrate on running your samples.

Native Mass Spectrometry is in demand and the Waters Q-Tof type instruments and Synapt type instruments can all be upgraded by MS Vision for Native MS applications. MS Vision have a stock of complete instruments ready for the upgrade of your choice.

It’s up to you to decide for a 8 or 32 kDa quad upgrade! Do you require all the vacuum modifications and gas control additions as descripted in our article being controlled by Mass Flow controllers or for budget reasons choose the manual gas controllers? Based upon your request and budget we can build your system as you wish.

The system will be completely refurbished and is better than new! 

A new PC to drive the entire system and to help you with your analysis using the complete suite of MassLynx software Waters will be supplied with the instrument. The system will be installed in your laboratory and will  meet specifications before it will be transferred to you. After this we will give a first training followed by a advanced training course a few months later are standard.

The guarantee is 12 months on the entire system, not only on the upgrade parts! Following the guarantee service contracts from a Bronze type, PM only to full cover Platinum type are available.We guarantee that all parts required to keep your system running are available for at least 7 years following installation and acceptance.

Contact us to discuss your demands and we will be happy to send you a detailed quotation