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MS Vision has a successful and proven track record of planning and performing instrument relocation projects. We can move anything from single to multiple instrument configurations to any country within Europe. 

MS Vision has years of experience in dealing with instrument moving projects. Our skilled engineers and moving experts have hands-on experience moving multi-vendor instruments. A carefully scripted procedure for instrument shutdown, decommissioning and packaging is followed. Our moving experts will relocate your instruments, making use of modern techniques to protect your valuable assets. We can move your laboratory equipment to any desired location within Europe.

For our relocations, we usually collaborate with Wim Bos in Weesp (Netherlands). They have many years of experience in moving delicate goods such as medical equipment etc. and are also our preferred delivery partner if you buy one of our pre-owned systems.

After relocation, your instruments will be re-installed. Upon request, an IQ/OQ qualification procedures can be performed, using instrument specific protocols (Please check here for availability of IQ/OQ services for your specific instruments. All instruments are also fully insured during the relocation activities.

Additionally we are able to provide on-site user training courses for all user levels.

HPLC lab

Need A Single Point Of Contact For A Complete Lab Relocation Project?

MS Vision will designate one contact person for the whole process from transportation to insurance, customs clearing, packaging and installation activities. Furthermore you will only receive one invoice. Hassle-free moving is possible!

Some of our Completed Relocation Projects:

Some or our completed projects were performed for:

Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Debiopharm, Switzerland

Rikilt, The Netherlands


FERA, United Kingdom