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MS Vision's Research Projects

MS Vision has a tradition of internal development right from it’s foundation. Our team was always close to high mass MS and native ESI for biologics characterization, protein complex analysis and virology. On these topics we collaborate with leading experts in the field and drive the technology forward.
Our dedicated instruments and upgrades are located in many labs all over Europe with >30 installations of dedicated high mass system until today.
To further advance in the technology, we actively participate in various European research projects to improve existing instrumentation and allow new applications around high-end mass spectrometry.


Other research and development projects:

We are also working on a number of smaller projects such as the PhotoSynapt. The development of this system for the hyphenation of mass spectrometry, ion-mobility and laser spectrometry has also led to a number of follow-up research projects like the use of cryogenically cooled ion traps from IsoSpec Analytics of which we will hopefully see a lot of results in the coming years. 

Our in-house R&D also continiously develops further tools and add-ons for native mass spectrometry to improve pressure control, ion handling, fragmentation, etc. which will eventually improve our Native Synapt platform.