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MS Vision - Your Independent Mass Spectrometry Service Provider

NEW: The Native QE - Turn your existing QExactive into a biopharma workhorse!

Vendor independent Europe-wide mass spectrometry service

MS Vision was established in 2004 to provide first-class support to the Mass Spectrometry community. Instrument maintenance, repair service, qualification and relocation for mass spectrometry systems from Waters, Sciex and ThermoFisher. As a truly independent company MS Vision can offer support and hardware in a flexible and cost-effective way through our team of highly skilled experts.

We have engineers being located in several countries in Europe. Our customers in food control, pharma, biopharma, academia and governmental labs are located all over Europe. We are at home where you are! Whether you have 1 instrument or 20, from one vendor or a mixed setup: contact us to discuss the best possible service solution for you and how we can make your daily work easier!

Waters Xevo QTOF source

MS Vision – the native MS specialists

Since many years, MS Vision is known not only as a mass spectrometry service provier but also as a prime supplier of dedicated high mass/nativeESI instrumentation. We have build up our own know-how and R&D and our in-depth knowledge on electronics and ion physics sets us apart from other service providers. We do not only provide service for your instrument but we also offer a wide array of instrument hardware modifications. Our upgrades for high mass and native MS allow our users to get the most out of their instrumentation in large molecule analysis.

Our aim is to make you more successful! By enabling you to get the best out of your system – with excellent service, training, hardware upgrades and additional tools around mass spectrometry!


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