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Integrated Protein Technologies Inc. and MS Vision have entered into a sales and support agreement to jointly bring IPT’s SampleStream™ device to the European market. 

The SampleStream™ platform is a fluidic module designed for the extreme concentration of dilute samples such as injectables, rapid buffer exchange, online reduction and/or digestion and ultra-robust, unattended high throughput operation. It integrates the industry gold-standard CTC PAL3 robot and provides powerful workflow automation capabilities.

As a dedicated device for sample pretreatment of biologics prior to analysis, it’s seamless integration via the CTC PAL and it’s robust operation for denatured as well as native MS in intact protein, middle-down and top-down analysis workflows it is the perfect combination with MS Vision’s high mass native MS technology such as NativeQE or NativeSynapt.


The heart of the SampleStream™ platform is a small fluidic channel that incorporates a molecular weight cutoff membrane. Combined with bullet-proof and time tested syringe pumps and valves, this channel operates in one of two modes.

Liquid Chromatography, Replaced.

  • Low pressure operation (<30 bar) – no issues with high pressure valves or frequent leaks 
  • Driven by low maintenance syringe pumps – thousands of pumps installed, technology proven for years, low cost in repair and replacement
  • Single membrane good for >1,000 analyses – long-lasting consumable, cost of operation much lower than in LC.
  • High membrane area enables high wash volume in comparison to liquid chromatography – easy to concentrate dilute samples e.g. from injectables

Sample Focusing

Sample Elution

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