Our products for mass spectrometry

MS Vision not only serves the mass spec community with service and maintenance but we also distribute and develop our own range of products as well as selected third party products. We develop and distribute products around high mass and Native mass spectrometry, top-down mass spectrometry and related fields.

Sciex ion rail

Native ESI/High mass ESI QTOF systems

based on proven Waters Synapt technology we offer upgrades which optimize Waters Synapt systems for high mass MS applications such as biopharma/biologics characterization or virology

NativeQE is here!

Turn your existing QExactive into a biopharma workhorse. With 10.000 m/z for detection as well as quadrupole selection you have enough mass range to characterize monoclonal antibodies even in nativeMS conditions!

Omnitrap - ultimate versatility!

In collaboration with Fasmatech from Greece we offer the Omnitrap as an upgrade to ThermoFisher Exploris 480 and QExactive systems. The Omnitrap is a device capable of multiple trapping and applying a large range of different fragmentation technologies

Electron capture dissociation (ECD)

In collaboration with eMSion in Corvallis (USA) we offer upgrades for Waters Synapt and ThermoFisher QExactive mass spectrometers to enable ECD fragmentation. ECD is complementary to CID enabling top-down analysis of intact proteins and localization of labile post-translational modifications