MS Vision provides multi-vendor compliance services comprising of IQ/OQ/PQ procedures for mass spectrometry and LC instrument qualification, available to support your particular instrument configuration.

Working in a GLP environment is complex enough; our experienced mass spectrometry specialists can help you save valuable time in meeting compliance to regulatory demands of FDA and ISO standards.

Select the Qualification Level:
Installation Qualification (IQ): required for new instruments, or pre-owned but installed for the first time at your facility.
 The IQ is usually based on factory specifications and follows manufacturer guidelines.

Operational Qualification (OQ): the OQ verifies and records instrument’s ability to meet the specified operational criteria after an installation, following repetitive use or after major service intervention. The OQ is a procedure which is specific for your lab! Thus we start from standard test procedures but typically provide you with these OQ procedures in advance for your approval. 

Performance Qualification (PQ): PQ (sometimes also referred to as perfomance verification or PV) is a customer defined performance protocol that is run on your complete (U)HPLC/MS system configuration. The protocol is run following any service intervention, saves valuable analyst time and leaves your complete instrument ready to run samples. This is something typically carried out by the operator to qualify the system as being fit for purpose.

MS Vision mass spectrometry instrument qualification services are unique due to our in-depth know-how and support of multiple brand instruments.

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