Flexibility in fragmentation techniques with the Omnitrap 

Flexibility in fragmentation technologies provides an extensive range of possible scientific experiments on existing mass spectrometric equipment and allows for much more comprehensivecharacterization of biomolecules than single fragmentation techniques alone. Since a couple of years, Fasmatech (Athens, Greece) is developing the Omnitrap, an upgrade to Thermo Fisher Scientific Exploris 480 systems providing a multitude of fragmentation technologies giving the system utmost versatility:

Ion Activation Arsenal for Tandem MSn

  • Slow heating and high energy CID
  • Electron Capture Dissociation
  • Electron Induced Dissociation
  • Electron meta-ionization
  • Dual-axis optical access for photo-dissociation using UVPD or IRMPD
  • External injection of activated neutrals and ion beams

The Omnitrap consists of a multi-segmented ion trap with multiple access points for fragmentation devices and has been selected as one of the most innovative innovations in 2018 by The Scientist. Its development is part of the EU-funded TopSpec project for developing technology for comprehensive monoclonal antibody characterization.

Performance Achievements of the Omnitrap

  • Access to an extended mass range using variable frequency rectangular RF waveforms for trapping ions
  • Highly efficient ECD and EID of precursor ions in high vacuum with fine-tuned electron beam energy
  • Enhanced CID efficiency in pulsed RF elds at elevated gas pressure
  • Lossless transfer of ions between the Exploris 480 instrument and the Omnitrap processing platform

Omnitrap Application Areas

  • Top-down proteomics, proteoform and post-translation modification analysis
  • Structural biology
  • Native mass spectrometry

In the context of the TopSpec project a number of systems in Europe as well as in US have been already been upgrades with the Omnitrap and resulted in first publications and posters:

The Omnitrap is available as an upgrade for the ThermoFisher Exploris 480 instrument. As of September 2022 MS Vision offers the Omnitrap as Fasmatech‘s European distributor. MS Vision also offers the full range of service for the upgraded instruments, from ad hoc interventions to full coverage service contracts.