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Instrument trainings - MS Maintenance

Learn how to perform maintenance on your MS system and keep it in top shape. This course is for experienced operators that want to have a better understanding of their instrument.

The MS Maintenance course covers the following topics:

  • Instrument build
  • Key performance criteria
  • Recognizing problems
  • Standard tests
  • Instrument tuning and calibration
  • Cleaning

The course takes 1½ days and is offered, due to didactic reasons and to ensure sufficient hands-on experience, to groups of 3-4 people maximum

MS Vision also offers customized courses, covering your subject of choice and at the expertise level you require: novice, experienced or export.

  • Data interpretation
  • Advanced instrument courses
  • Expert sessions
  • Method development
  • Data processing
  • Etc.

Contact us for more information. Or take a look at other training courses MS Vision offers.

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