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Integrated Protein Technologies (IPT) and MS Vision announce European sales and support collaboration on IPT SampleStream


Almere/Evanston, March 1st, 2024

Integrated Protein Technologies Inc., specialised in the development and manufacturing of the fluidics-based sample preparation device SampleStream™, and MS Vision/ Spectrometry Vision B.V. a vendor-independent service provider for LCMS and a native MS technology developer, are joining forces by entering into a sales and support agreement for Europe starting on March 1st, 2024.

The SampleStream™ Platform is a fluidic module designed to enable extreme concentration of dilute samples such as injectables, rapid buffer exchange, online reduction and/or digestion and ultra-robust, unattended high throughput operation. It integrates the industry gold-standard CTC PAL3 robot and provides powerful workflow automation capabilities.

As a dedicated device for sample pretreatment of biologics prior to analysis, it’s robust operation for denatured and native MS of intact proteins, middle-down and top-down analysis workflows make it the perfect combination with MS Vision’s high mass native MS technology such as NativeQE or NativeSynapt as well as all other instruments which support CTC’s PAL integration such as ThermoFisher or Sciex mass spectrometers.

With an existing base of installations at leading academic laboratories and biopharmaceutical companies, the SampleStream™ Platform has proven its robustness and reliability in high throughput applications for biologics development and QC. Here is what Professor Neil Kelleher, Walter and Mary Elizabeth Glass Professor in the Life Sciences and Director of the Northwestern Proteomics and The Chemistry of Life Processes Institute at Northwestern University says about the SampleStream™ technology:

“Northwestern Proteomics is all-in for SampleStream technology.  We are moving to purchase our 5th SampleStream system from IPT, Inc., and the thing just works. We have no other way to both concentrate nanogram-level proteoform samples by 10-100x, with simulteneously accomplishing an on-line buffer exchange step. We use SampleStream for applications in both denatured and native electrospray modes and have heavily-used automation pipelines in production mode in both the Proteomics Center and the proteomics Core here at Northwestern. In the former, we have connected SampleStream up with high mass determination on ThermoFisher Scientific instrumentation to great effect. We are now working on our 5th manuscript using SampleStream technology, focused on advanced biotherapeutics & Biopharma agents above 3 Megadalton.“

If you’d like to learn more about SampleStream™ and its applications, go to the SampleStream product page!

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