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ECD cell distribution agreement terminated by Agilent

Synapt ECD cell (entrance)

We regret to inform you that after acquisition of our collaborator e-MSion, Inc. by Agilent Technologies in March, our distribution agreement has recently been terminated by Agilent with 6 months notice. That means we are currently working on finalizing current projects, yet Agilent Technologies decided to stop production and distribution of ECD upgrades for Waters and ThermoFisher instruments in the future. The e-MSion ECD cell will be become an Agilent-only product.

Customers with cell upgrades on Waters instruments will be able to purchase filaments directly from Agilent after the distribution agreement has ended, the filaments for Waters and Agilent cells are identical. Customers with ThermoFisher cell upgrades will be able to purchase any amount of filaments in the next 6 months (we recommend to place orders within the next four months to ensure proper handling and processing within six months) to use them in the future. In parallel we are trying to find alternative sources for the filaments for these customers.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this and would have been happy to continue the collaboration with Agilent, yet this decision was not in our hands. MS Vision will make sure that the discontinuation of the ExD cell for Synapt and QExactive by Agilent as a product will not cause a complete blackout of your purchased upgrade as far as possible.

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