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NativeQE – biopharma characterization made possible on QExactive


We have been working on this for quite a while. Many of our customers were asking us to transfer our high mass knowledge from Waters QTOF to the Thermo QExactive platform. And here it is: the NativeQE, an upgrade for providing QExactuve systems with optimized capabilities for biologics and biopharma characterization:

  • higher mass detection limit (up to m/z 10.000)
  • higher isolation limit (up to 10.000 m/z instead of 2.500 m/z of the original system)
  • more efficient HCD fragmentation to enable analysis of intact proteins
  • optional charge reduction
  • optical access for optional UVPD fragmentation


The NativeQE is available immediately as an upgrade of your existing QExactive plus or as a complete instrument. For further details visit our website

Comparison Table NativeQE versus QExactive

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