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Integrated Protein Technologies (IPT) and MS Vision announce European sales and support collaboration on IPT SampleStream

Almere/Evanston, March 1st, 2024 Integrated Protein Technologies Inc., specialised in the development and manufacturing of the fluidics-based sample preparation device SampleStream™, and MS Vision/ Spectrometry Vision B.V. a vendor-independent service provider for LCMS and a native MS technology developer, are joining forces by entering into a sales and support agreement for Europe starting on March […]

NativeQE – biopharma characterization made possible on QExactive

We have been working on this for quite a while. Many of our customers were asking us to transfer our high mass knowledge from Waters QTOF to the Thermo QExactive platform. And here it is: the NativeQE, an upgrade for providing QExactuve systems with optimized capabilities for biologics and biopharma characterization: higher mass detection limit […]

ECD cell distribution agreement terminated by Agilent

Synapt ECD cell (entrance)

We regret to inform you that after acquisition of our collaborator e-MSion, Inc. by Agilent Technologies in March, our distribution agreement has recently been terminated by Agilent with 6 months notice. That means we are currently working on finalizing current projects, yet Agilent Technologies decided to stop production and distribution of ECD upgrades for Waters and ThermoFisher instruments in the […]

MS Vision and Isospec Analytics collaborate to introduce a new dimension for molecular analysis

  Determining the structure of isomeric species is one of the most difficult problems in mass spectrometry, which cries out for new dimensions in which to separate and/or discriminate isomers. While ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) provides such a dimension, a collision cross-section alone cannot uniquely characterize a complex molecule.  However, the combination of ion mobility […]

Synapt delivery to VU Amsterdam for photodissociation

Posted on 27/09/2021 (28/09/2021) by msvision Great news from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam! Anouk Rijs’ new toy has been delivered by MS Vision and we are happy to supply her with a modified Synapt for laser based photodissociation experiments:

MS Vision on LinkedIn

Posted on 28/09/2021 by msvision Are you active on LinkedIn? So are we! Meet our team, learn about new products and ongoing developments from MS Vision by following us on LinkedIn at! We have also initiated a LinkedIn group dedicated to native ESI and high mass MS: If you are interested in this […]

Analysis of IgA using native ESI and ECD by Heck Lab

Posted on 01/10/2021 (21/10/2021) by msvision Have you seen the article on the analysis of heavily glycosylated IgA antibodies? It uses native ESI and ECD on a ECD upgraded QExactive UHMR? You can access that article here: It’s well worth a read! And if you are keen doing this as well? We will be […]